Monday, August 15, 2011

The biggest risk you will ever take is not taking one at all

Two days ago my mom and I went really spontaneously to Tõnis Mägi's and Kärt Johanson's concert in Varbola, which was pretty good, especially the last song called "Koit", which is probably my most favourite classic song in estonian. After that we watched a fire-show, which wasn't something really spectacular though. But at least it was warm, unlike the temperature further from the fire. I wore super casual and super comfortable outfit, paired with pointed-toe shoes and golden statement necklace.

Üleeile õhtul tegi ema spontaanse otsuse Tõnis Mägi ja Kärt Johansoni kontserdile Varbolasse minna ning kutsus mind ka kaasa. Kontsert oli päris hea ja mahe, eriti, kui "Koit" esitusse tuli, mis on  ilmselt minu lemmik eestikeelsesse klassikasse kuuluv lugu. Hiljem vaatasime seal toimuvat tuleshowd, mis küll eriline show polnud, aga lõke oli suur ja vähemalt sooja sai küll ja veel. Ma kandsin supermugavat ja igapäevast outfiti, kingadeks kitsa ninaga jalanõud ja kaelas mu uusim leid expressionsist.


  1. This outfit is really cute! I love the necklace!


  2. this is such a classic look! very chic!

    love from San Francisco,

  3. you look great!